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MCS3 - A Complete Study Skills System for College Students

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Scientific research conducted by 33 leading education experts has brought a revolutionary discovery to light - the difference between a student who gets A's and a student who gets bad grades is not IQ, the amount of effort they put in, nor is it the school they attend. The research found that the difference was in the way they studied. They have study tools and lifestyle skills that allow them to excel above others. We've collaborated with top universities such as Stanford and MIT and have created an award-winning study skills system that gives students these tools.

So - Does it work? We've conducted a double-blind test to prove if our program works. We gave our program to 2,700 random students, and measured their results a year later. The result? On average, students who used our program saw a 1.7 point increase in GPA as well as a 23% decrease in study time.

Our program has helped thousands of students - now it's time for you or your child to do the same. The full program costs only $129 and if you don't see results within 90 days, we'll give you your money back.

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1.7 Point

Increase in GPA

Spring 2010Spring 2011

2,753 students without MCS3
2,753 students with MCS3

* Based on a double-blind test with 5,506 Middle School, High School and College Students over a 12 Month period.


Decrease in study time

Spring 2010Spring 2011

2,753 students without MCS3
2,753 students with MCS3

* Based on a double-blind test with 5,506 Middle School, High School and College Students over a 12 Month period.

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Top Study Tips for College Students

Our MCS3 college program is geared towards those who want to know how to study in college more effectively. Many students see better grades within 30 days and can gain as much as 1.7 points on their GPA. Full of study tips for college the program features methods that have been tested and proved. College study skills are key to mastering your education and the MCS3 program explores the importance of developing memory strategies. Combining methods taught at some of the finest universities, the MCS3 program also explores strategies for time management for college students. Once good habits are established, students can utilize college study tips to the best of their ability. Some of the most important program features include proper nutrition, developing memory techniques, practicing time management in college, getting enough sleep, and learning how to utilize problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Developing excellent study habits for college students is just the beginning of the battle. In order to ensure students are equipped for the harsh demands of higher learning, study skills for college must be combined with ways for students to remain motivated and inspired. Knowing how to take tests is one of the most important factors and students should ready themselves for main exams such as the LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, and GRE test preparation. Study tips for college students often include a focus on how much sleep is required each night, how to make the most of study time, note taking, listening skills, and memory tricks. As college places a heavy emphasis on examinations, students will gain invaluable study tips for finals, helping them gain mastery over tests. Those interested in learning how to study in college will find that setting goals will ensure that other strategies and techniques are implemented in an effective manner. The MCS3 college program combines study tips for college with practical strategies that students can use for the rest of their lives. For college study skills to be truly effective, students must learn how to deal with stress and remove it from their lives, or manage it effectively. Time management for college students plays an important role in dealing with stress. As many students are unfamiliar with the level of stress they will experience at college, study tips must eliminate the majority of unnecessary stress students’ face. Proper time management in college will ensure students have time for rest, study, and much deserved relaxation and fun, but in balance. Once those areas become out of balance, fatigue will step in, grades will slip, and students may continue to struggle in their course work. Proper study habits for college students can eliminate much of this battle and ensure that students have an established time frame for their activities, including studying. Study skills for college include the ability to accomplish more work in less time, which makes your studying habits more effective.

The MCS3 program also features a winning formula that will help students ace their tests. Whether the LSAT, MCAT or GRE, test preparation is vital to college success. Knowing how to prepare for tests and is one of the most important keys to master. With the MCS3 college program, study tips for college students are plentiful. By following the MCS3 program, you can ensure that you utilize study tips for finals during your sessions and are thoroughly prepared for any tests that come your way.

The MCS3 program is a great way to learn how to study in college effectively. The program teaches a variety of study tips for college students, which reduces the amount of time wasted, making learning more efficient. Effective college study skills encompass a wide array of areas including memorization, diet, sleep, time management, and more. Time management for college students is paramount to the program’s success and when utilized properly, results can be obtained quickly. Some of the most ground breaking college study tips contained in the program are those that focus on foods that promote brain health. Time management in college may seem hard to achieve but by implementing the skills within the program, can become easier than you may think. Study habits for college students have to be practiced until over time they become a natural part of your daily and nightly routine. By getting plenty of rest each night, improving your diet, and practicing the MCS3 program’s study skills for college you can watch as your grades improve and you begin acing tests.

Test preparation is one of the ultimate goals of the MCS3 program. MCAT, LSAT, and GRE test preparation are vital to ensuring students’ reach their goals after college. With the MCS3 program, you will find the heavy emphasis on study tips for college students is well placed. Making certain that students have implemented various study tips for finals is also of great importance. The MCS3 college program provides numerous benefits and advantages.