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MCS3 - A Complete Study Skills System for High School Students

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Scientific research conducted by 33 leading education experts has brought a revolutionary discovery to light - the difference between a student who gets A's and a student who gets bad grades is not IQ, the amount of effort they put in, nor is it the school they attend. The research found that the difference was in the way they studied. They have study tools and lifestyle skills that allow them to excel above others. We've collaborated with top universities such as Stanford and MIT and have created an award-winning study skills system that gives students these tools.

So - Does it work? We've conducted a double-blind test to prove if our program works. We gave our program to 2,700 random students, and measured their results a year later. The result? On average, students who used our program saw a 1.7 point increase in GPA as well as a 23% decrease in study time.

Our program has helped thousands of students - now it's time for you or your child to do the same. The full program costs only $129 and if you don't see results within 90 days, we'll give you your money back.

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1.7 Point

Increase in GPA

Spring 2010Spring 2011

2,753 students without MCS3
2,753 students with MCS3

* Based on a double-blind test with 5,506 Middle School, High School and College Students over a 12 Month period.


Decrease in study time

Spring 2010Spring 2011

2,753 students without MCS3
2,753 students with MCS3

* Based on a double-blind test with 5,506 Middle School, High School and College Students over a 12 Month period.

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Study Skills for High School Students – SAT, ACT Tips And More

Students using our MCS3 high school program will find a heavy focus on college tests, in addition to improving grades. Providing numerous SAT tips, the program not only focuses on the SAT but also on the ACT. Two popular tests administered in high school to determine college readiness. Another important focus area is high school study skills. General study tips for high school are also available to those who want to ensure they complete their year with maximum studying capacity. Mastering study skills for high school students is one of the most important steps in ensuring success in high school and college.

Students will find plenty of SAT essay tips to help develop their writing skills. There are SAT math tips for those who need to work on the math portion of the test. In addition to SAT preparation, a variety of ACT test taking tips will help students overcome any fear or anxiety associated with the test. ACT test tips focus on improving memory skills, as studies have proved that a well-developed memory is the most important tool used to achieve academic success. With our MCS3 high school program, students will have access to both SAT and ACT test preparation. The MCS3 high school course emphasizes the best study skills high school students can use. Study tips for high school students compose the basis for the award-winning MCS3 program. Studies have proven that students can significantly reduce the amount of time they devote to studying by implementing the strategies within the program. Whether studying for tests, improving memory, or looking for ways to maximize study time, the MCS3 high school program provides results. Mastering study skills for high school is key to academic success.

SAT tips are always in demand as many high school students suffer from great anxiety regarding the test. By utilizing the program’s SAT essay tips, students can walk into their testing room in confidence, knowing they are well prepared. The SAT math tips help high school students overcome anxiety, and teach a variety of memory techniques that will help students recall important facts when needed. ACT test preparation is just as important as the SAT and those who use the MCS3 program receive both. ACT test taking tips help boost confidence, reduce fear, and eliminate stress. Some of the most important ACT test tips are applicable to other tests as well. Whether preparing for tests or wanting to build your GPA, the MCS3 high school program ensures students are well equipped for the tasks ahead.

Study skills for high school students encompass more than how to sit down, open a book, and ensure you retain what you read. Some of the most important study skills high school students must learn include diet, exercise, and sleep. Another area where careful attention must be placed when working on high school study skills is time management. Often high school students have schedules that are overloaded with numerous activities including clubs, sports, and extra-curricular activities outside of school. Many high school students balance education with a job. A program must balance study tips for high school students with time management if it is going to be effective. Students must have a tangible way to balance their time and schedule activities in a manner that leaves ample time for quality study. The MCS3 program provides proven techniques and strategies that ensure mastery of study skills. For high school learners, this can mean the difference between average and failing grades to excellent academic success. The MCS3 high school program provides numerous study tips for high school learners. These tips are the heart and soul of the program, and the secret that has led to its tremendous success.

Students preparing for college entrance will benefit greatly from the SAT tips contained within the program. The SAT essay tips can ensure that students remain calm while writing and have a concise plan for their essay. SAT math tips are invaluable as many students find this area to be the most challenging of the test. Preparation is crucial in overcoming test-related anxiety. ACT test preparation will provide learners with added self-confidence to ensure they are ready for the exam. ACt test taking tips reduce apprehension and prepare students for taking the test with an attitude of success. Whether taking the SAT or ACT, test tips help remove the nervousness associated with exams.

The MCS3 program excels in teaching innovative study skills for high school students. Focusing on study skills high school learners find practical and useful, the MCS3 program stands apart from other methods. Learning high school study skills not only ensures students are well prepared for their course work, but they also learn effective strategies they take with them to college. Study tips for high school students that focus on time management, the importance of balancing work and play, and setting goals establish good study habits that will last a lifetime. The emphasis on mastering study skills for high school learners ensures that students can handle any class they encounter with a focus on proper note taking, memory skills, and making certain they are in the best physical shape for learning. By incorporating the MCS3 high school program’s study tips for high school learners, students are on the best track to academic success.