• I totally wish I knew about this before

    It really saved me from a total disaster. I was pretty skeptical at first because I didn't think it would make a difference but to be honest I was pretty surprised. Within two weeks things started to turn around... With my first report card I got one B, a B+, and everything else was an A minus or an A... I am on track for my next report card to do even better than that. I wish I knew about this in my old school...

    Liz Hamill, 11th Grade Student
    Lancaster, Ohio

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  • I'm just really glad I gave you guys a try

    When I started college I was doing really badly, at least for me. I was getting B minuses mostly and I wasn't used to that because in High School I was doing a lot better.  It is true that college is nothing like high school. I was studying constantly, every day for hours. I tried college tutoring services and they just weren't working as well as I wanted them to... I'm just really glad I gave you guys a try because now I study about half as much and my grades are twice as good so I am just very, very grateful.

    Mark Perry, Sophomore College
    FSU - Tallahassee, Florida

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  • Thanks for making something that really helped me

    My freshman year was all downhill... from okay, to bad to worse. Classes were much tougher than I expected. My confidence took a hit. By the end of my freshman year I was pretty much in C minus range and had a D plus - ouch. My cousin, Megan, told me about your system... I started using it. Things immediately turned around  for me my sophomore year. First semester I was back to mostly B's, with one exception, an A in my macro-economics course. I was psyched. By the end of my sophomore year I got two B pluses, an A minus, and two A's. It was amazing. It felt so good.

    Adam French, Junior, College
    Dover, Delaware

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  • ... it was my greatest report card so far.

    After getting my report card... I wasn't interested in going to college. My grades were always okay, mostly C's and some B's. But that wouldn't come easy for me. I would study a long time to keep those up... After using your system for two weeks I didn't want to stop using it because it was helping me a lot. It helped me with my notes... It helped me with writing papers... I always had severe writer's block ... you guys showed me how to get over it in a very easy way. It really cut my studying time by a lot... from three to five hours down to around two. My grades have actually improved. I haven't gotten any C's in my last report card. I got mostly B's and even a couple of A's... and it was my greatest report card so far... so now I am not even thinking about skipping college...

    Jeff Martinez, 11th Grade Student
    Chandler, Arizona

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  • Her last report card was unbelievable!

    My daughter Ashley was going through her own major transition. She was entering her first year of Junior high school and it was a big shock to her system... her report card was littered with D's and C's... I gave her the system... things started to change within three weeks. Her grades started to come up. Her next report card had a C and B's which was like a total improvement from before.

    Her last report card was unbelievable! It had all B's and one A minus. That was unbelievable considering how she was doing before. With the transition made by her taking the program, I was shocked at that point... the impact in such a short period of time. It made a total perk in her confidence with school and everything around her.

    Kingsley Cain, Father of 7th Grade Daughter
    Portland, Oregon

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